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Better Horse Racing ServiceClick Image To Visit SiteI am an ex-owner and former Jockeys agent who has been involved in the inner circles of Horse Racing in England and Ireland for over 25 years this has helped me become a “Better” bettor. It has enabled me to make contact with jockeys, trainers, owners , proven stable contacts and other well connected people from within the Horse Racing Industry. Add to this an encyclopedic knowledge of the Horse Racing Form Book and you have a very formidable gambler. One of the advantages that I have as a professional gambler is that I am on the Racecourse most days and this is without doubt one of the best places to meet the right people within the industry and pick up information and snippets about the Horse Racing Game. Without being disrespectful a lot of Daily Bettors are not advised what Horses are fit and well prepared and are ready to try and win there Race in question. By being on the Racecourse and speaking to the right people I have a head start when it comes to finding these things out!!

See Our Results Because this is what really attracts clients to this unique service and since The Better Horse Racing Service has started RESULTS have been EXCELLENT producing large profits and numerous winning months. I have operated this personal advice service for a small group of clients for just under a year now. My bets have been monitored by Sportsworld Publishing and UK Betting Tips, whom I am running the service in conjunction with. The service has also been reviewed and favourably mentioned on More Money Review There is now a chance for you to join my small group of clients.

Each day there will be a morning message sent via E MAIL with the planned bets for… Read more…

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