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Double Up ProfitsClick Image To Visit SiteDouble Up Profits is a horse racing tipster service that has been running since the start of the 2013 flat season.

Between April 2013 and October 2013 (The duration of the flat season), our selections made £7,380.93 profit. These figures are based on £20 single bets and £10 doubles, and of course are after Betfair’s 5% commissions.

We believe that giving you access to all out past results, winners and losers is the best way for you to decide if the Double Up Profits service is for you.

If we have 1 selection, we place a 2pt win bet. We use £10 per point staking, so a £20 win bet is placed.

If we have 2 or more selections, we place 2pt win bets on each selection and 1pt doubles on all combinations.

Using this method and £10 per point level staking, we managed to make a after fees profit of £7,380.93. Remember this is over the 7 month flat season only. So we were averaging just over £1,000 pure profit each month.

With the 2014 Flat Season now in full swing and Double Up Profits getting off to yet another great start, we have decided to open the doors to this previously invite only service.

We are offering an introductory offer for the 2014 Flat Season of just £24.95 for the entire season of tips.

For this price, you will get our "How to bet guide", so if you are new to betting or just placing doubles you know exactly what to do. More importantly you will get our daily email selections sent straight to an email address of your choosing.

We are that confident that you will love Double Up Profits that we are offering all members a full 60 days, no… Read more…

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