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greyhound tips subscribe trial clClick Image To Visit SiteOkay, you know that when you think about using a tipster service for your greyhound bets, that you are looking for a reliable consistent tipster … As well as many other benefits of getting my tips – it comes down to profits right?

There isn’t one!! I won’t be asking you for any more than £1 to try my tips for the next 7 days. Thats 7 days of greyhound racing tips with a 40% strike rate … Why wouldn’t you want to give it a try?

A lot of times, people will ask how I work out my tips and just how accurate they are – And those are 2 really important questions before you decide to sign up for my tips … And here’s the thing – Most tipster services are computer generated and results are pretty varied. Mine aren’t – I know my greyhounds and I study the cards – and you know that if you want a better chance of picking winners – that this is the way to do it! And let me finish with this for you … whichever way you think is best to generate tips, You are going to want to get my tips so you’ll know for yourself which is the surest ways of picking a winner on the greyhound tracks What To Do Next … What have you got to lose? For just £1 – you get to see if my tips are going to make you money on your bets – so click on the button below and start getting your tips straight to your inbox After your trial ends, there is no obligation to subscribe to the full membership with a monthly fee of £29.99

Totally safe – Cancel at any time. £1 Trial for first 7 days of greyhound Racining Tips Rebill amount billed after first 7 days… Read more…

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