Just 27 Spots Left!!

Just 27 Spots Left!!Click Image To Visit SiteTo ALL Frustrated Punters: Stay Ahead of the rest by Giving Your Betting Account A Profit Boost starting right now!

"Impossible" you say… well I disagree! keep reading and i’ll share with you A Formula So Powerful you’ll have to be extremely careful when, where and how you use it!

My name is James Croft, my mates call me “Crofty” and those that know what I do for a living call me “Crafty Crofty”.

When you look at what I’ve achieved over the last 2 years I’m sure you’ll agree, its as near as you’ll get when it comes to horse racing:

12 months, 11 profitable months and 288.23pts profit, to my £100 stakes a lovely return of £28,823.00

2016 has got off to a great start with 3 profitable months from 3 with a total profit of 51.2pts and another £5,120 added to the bank.

January +11.72pts February +9.76pts March +29.72pts

What my formula does is allow me to quickly identify which races I can predict the winner in. It’s something that I have been working on for 2 whole years before 2013 and I’ll be honest, the results went up and down like a roller coaster.

"To avoid this situation happening again, I simply spread my bets across 5 different bookies, all ones you’ll have heard of and probably have accounts with"

Now, I’ve been asked for my formula or even parts of my formula before and I’ll tell you what I told them…

But what I will do, to prove how good it is, is send you my selections, the very selections that my Beat The Competition Formula produces.

At the end of the year, when there are reviews all over… Read more…

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