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JW Betting - Flat Season BettingClick Image To Visit SiteMy name is Jon Williams and I have been betting on the horses for a long time. I’ve been turning what started off as occasional wins into regular profits on a weekly basis.

Why? Well because more than likely like you, I was looking to up my profits and bought into some systems and services which were just, well…. garbage!

I know you might be thinking, just over £2,000 profit isn’t a great deal, but this is just over the flat season (8 months), and using real stakes. £10/£20 bets.

I could quite easily compete with the headlines you see on other websites and claim over £10k in profit, using £100 stakes but seriously, who bets that on each race?

Like myself you probably have your own service, or a service you trust, if not a couple of service that you follow.

Adding my Flat Season service to your portfolio is a great way to increase your profits over the next 8 months.

This is basically the rules of finding the qualifying bets and how much and what type of bet to place.

The flat system is broken down into 3 sections. As I have a slightly different method of making selections depending on the race distance. So you get all 3 guides for the sprint (shortest) races, the mid range races and the long races.

Each day I will email you. If there are selections, you will get the time, course and horse to bet on. Along with which type of bet to place and how many points to bet.

So as you’ve seen, last year these selections made me over £2,100 profit, after Betfair’s 5% and to £10/£20 bets.

How many bets per day? What is the Win % What is the strike rate?

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