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Partners in Profit system 2013/2014. - Image To Visit SiteIf you are anything like me, you will be completely fed up with the endless stream of hype and spin that hits your inbox week after week. Fear not, as in the next few moments I will show you a system using my proven winner finding method, relying on consistent performers that has produced betting profits season after season for me.

No hype, No spin and No slick marketing, I don’t know how to do it anyway and like you I’m fed up with it.

Partners in Profit systems for Flat and jumps racing were first published in 2011. the systems were well received and enjoyed by you, the discerning on line bettor.

My determination to continue to bring quality, genuine and honest products to the market place remains resolute, backed up by an efficient and honest service, where you the customer remain my priority.

If you feel the same way and you probably do, then I’m here to tell you, it is possible to systematically profit from horse race betting.

I’m proud to say that the first system I released, P i P for National Hunt racing, has a loyal following who now believe, it is possible to make a profit from backing horses using a betting system.

Following on from the success of P i P for National Hunt, I produced a Partners in Profit Flat Racing edition for the 2012 turf season which produced profits of 181.27 points in 2012.

Since releasing my products to the market many lessons have been learned about how systems operate in the real world and changes have been made to accommodate the practicalities of being user friendly. I’m pleased and proud to say that my systems have been well received and have many loyal followers… Read more…

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