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Pro Betting Club » Sequence LaysClick Image To Visit SiteSequence Lays uses a specific selection method to identify potential lays daily, generally there would be a single selection per race meeting. Whilst laying all selections to level stakes is profitable, it has been noticed that by using a Stop at a Winner lay ladder approach fewer lays can be made daily and a worthwhile profit made. The average strike rate is 60% at an average price of 2.64. All lays are made at BSP and so all results are transparent as all will be the same, as the horses are generally the race favourites there should be ample liquidity in the market. In fact often the prices of the selections tend to be lower at BSP than at the time of selection The longest losing runs have been 4 lays, and the longest winning run has been 9, and this would enable the member to use lay ladder loss recovery to enable a more regular monthly return. Alternatively, liability staking can be used with good results.

The graph below shows how your bank would have grown since November 2015 if you had followed every Sequence Lay tip.

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