Profit Star Method

Profit Star MethodClick Image To Visit Site348 Selections 143 Winners (41.90%) 36/44 5* Selections (81.81%) Total Profit: 189.24pts Average Profit Per/Month: 63.08pts

Do you want to Win 41.9% of your Bets and Make 63.08pts per month Profit If so keep reading…

The selection system and strategy that make up this method took me years to perfect but as you can see from the results over the last 3 months it has all been worthwhile.

If you were to put just £25 per point on my selections you would have made £1,577.00 profit per month for 3 months. A total of £4,731.00

Obviously if you back at £50 per point you can double those figures. Over £9,400 profit in just 90 days.

Even putting £10 per point on each selectoin would mean that you have made over £630 per month and over £1,892.40 in the last 3 months.

The Profit Star Method involves each race of the day going through a stringent set of qualifying rules and markers, some races simple do not qualify, others qualify but only for certain STAR RATINGS of selections and others are open to the whole range of betting.

After races have been qualified, selections are made and even then the work is not over. Selections are then put though a rigousous set of pre-set rules. Only the ones that meet of all this criteria make it to the final stage and that is where my 17 years of experience comes in….

For some horses there will only be the possibility of a 1* – 3* rating, as this will have been defined by the race criteria earlier, others will have the full 1* – 5* rating range available. I use my wealth of experience to select which… Read more…

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