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Racing Edge UK HomeClick Image To Visit SiteMy name is Neil and I have 30+ years experience in the field of Horse Racing and I am a keen enthusiast of most sports.

You can read more about how and why I developed my Edge Lays further down, but for now, here is the overriding factor…

"In a 12 runner race, if you lay 1 horse, you are backing 11, how can that not be profitable?"

I am not going to fill this page with "HYPE" to entice you into joining, I am just going to give you the facts, the numbers and let you decide for yourself.

However, could I just ask one favour please; and that is that you read right the way to the bottom as there is some very important info….

My target was to find horses that I could lay at odd of 6.00 – 5/1 or less. I found an edge and became very successful in doing so.

Along the way, some of my selections naturally drifted out in price and exceeded 6.0 but the vast majority still lost.

Further down you will read more about how I developed my Edge Lays and the reason why I have set my results at different odds levels.

OK, so those figures look FANTASTIC! and that is because they are, but let’s face it there are not many people with large enough banks to be staking £100 per bet.

3. Odds including over 6.0 using the Maria Staking Plan which limits stakes and maximises odds at 11.00

There was a major change in the world of Sports Betting when Betfair was founded in. For the first time ever the man in the street was able to accept a bet without having to open a high street shop, obtain a license and… Read more…

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