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Ratings PostClick Image To Visit SiteATTENTION: I am here to offer you an unrivalled service which has been proven live based on Over 52,000 Races!

I come from a Horse Racing family, My Dad was a Bookmaker and I have been involved right at the heart of it ever since I can remember.

I didn’t just stumble on this method by accident! It’s taken me over 14 years to perfect my craft,  During this period I invented and perfected my very own, unique method that I call The RCM Method to assist me with creating what I would consider the best ratings in UK horse racing to date

7 years ago I decided to provide my Ratings live and I haven’t looked back since. I use my RCM method in to help me create my daily Quality Ratings, these work so well, that they have enabled me and my members to make superb Profits.

My ratings have continuously made profits! And I have hundreds of punters using my ratings to make profits every race!

My analysis is then decoded as a precise and easy to follow alphabetical Rating system for each horse from ‘A’ to ‘I’ 

‘A’ being the most valuable and most likely horse to win the race and ‘I’ Being the weakest and most likely to lose.

All that’s left for YOU to do is open your email each day, and you’ll be able to see in plain view which horses in each race are rated the highest, and therefore which horses are the best horses for the race.

Our customers include bookmakers and pro-gamblers who are looking for an edge, as well as the casual punter looking to improve their chances of winning.

It took me a really long time to get where I am… Read more…

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