rsesurveyClick Image To Visit SiteYour answer will really help me identify what sort of blog posts you want to see from me in the future.

You probably aren’t aware that I share my personal bets with my long term loyal subscribers in The Racing Secrets Exposed Members’ Club.

I only open the doors once a year (and it’s only ever available to my long term subscribers) which is why you’ve probably never heard about it.

But because you were kind enough to take the time out of your day to complete the survey I’d like to repay the favour.

(I mean they work in TV so they must be experts right? Surely they wouldn’t have got the job otherwise?)

There are so many factors that affect a horse race it can become really confusing to the average punter.

My meeting with Kevin only lasted a couple of hours but I had learnt so much I was completely overwhelmed.

It’s taken a lot of effort but as I said at the beginning of this letter, I consider myself very, very lucky.

Are the basic race conditions suited to the horse? Are there any question marks whatsoever? I never bet a horse to do something it hasn’t done previously.

Firstly I study the relationship between the jockey and the horses. Have they raced before together? Were they compatible?

I study in-depth the jockey’s record at the course. Does the jockey perform well at the course? Is he generally over bet or under bet.

What types of horses does the jockey generally do well on? (Not all jockeys and horses are compatible).

Trainers often have a speciality. It could be a particular type of course or a particular type of race.

Is the trainer genuinely going for a win or is he… Read more…

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