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Tipster Superstars - Betting Tips from Superstar TipstersClick Image To Visit SiteJon has been with Tipster Superstars since the turn of the year and his very first month with us was a profitable one. In that first month, Jon showed us how he pulled in 29.42pts profit from simple win bets.

Now 18 months later and Jon has kept up his performance hitting an average strike rate of 26.9% from 939 bets and pulling in over 458pts profit.

One huge reason for Jon’s success at the track is the fact he has developed his own ratings systems which tells him when he should double down on a horse allowing him to boost his profits.

All Jon’s bets are either a 1pt win bet or a 2pt win bet (when he doubles down). The stake for each selection is given when he sends out the selection email so you can get the bests on as soon as you get it.

The chart below shows you how Jon has made over 458pts profit month by month. Yes, there are some losing months in there but always after and followed by winning ones. Jon has never had 2 losing months in a row and his members have seen their bank grow over the year, no matter at which point they joined the service.

Jon is a tipster who has been doing this for the last 18 months. He averages a shade over 25pts profit per month. He hits regular winners, 26% of the time. He only bets an average of 52 times per month, so you can expect 1-3 tips per day on average and he backs to win at Betfair SP.

These figures are here to show you what you could make per month depending on how much you have to invest in your betting bank.

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