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Victory TipsClick Image To Visit SiteI’m not here to waste anybody’s time so please let me ask you a couple of quick questions before we start on our journey together….

However if you want to BEGIN EARNING REAL MONEY with your racing bets and put the fun back into the sport you love then keep up….

My name is David Hall and I’m a 52 year old horse racing fanatic and one of the only ones in the country that also holds a PHD in computer sciences.

Combining these 2 passions have been the key to my successful 10 years as a full time horse racing consultant……

From the early stages of being on the verge of bankruptcy while I tried to perfect my trade… to now living a comfortable and stress-free lifestyle all on the back of my bespoke VICTORY TIPS horse racing software.

Initially I had the all or nothing mentality of bet big win big…….. this was ultimately what brought me to the brink of falling out with the sport I have loved for so many years….

I went back to the drawing board and completely broke down my betting habits and the habits of the bookmakers who believe it or not are very sneaky when it comes too tapping into your sub conscious and pushing you in to dead end bets….. after all if you lose they win so they’ll stop at nothing to make sure you end up broke.

The key thing when it comes to my method of betting and the complete foundations of the VICTORY TIPS bespoke system is DATA, it’s as simple as that…

I found that if you can gather as much information from as many RELIABLE sources as possible you have a damn near certain chance of being able to predict the… Read more…

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