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Where The Value LiesClick Image To Visit SiteThanks for visiting WHERE THE VALUE LIES, Firstly I would like to tell you a bit of background about myself. Gary Scott, live, breathe and eat Horse Betting. I am a now a full time Professional Gambler who uses the High Street Bookmaker as well as Betfair. I use my own unique ratings to determine a tissue price list for each race that I am interested in. I’m looking for discrepancies between my tissue and the actual Market to seek out the VALUE prices. No horses sent to be backed that are odds on and each lay selected will not be sent with prices greater than 7.0. I started my very own blog on 28th January 2011, I posted my selections on my blog every morning for people to see what I was backing/laying, and at the end of day I posted my results.

What makes my approach different from all the other tipsters? Well there are a couple of secrets that I want to keep, but I will tell you that I work very hard at this business and I have the knack of spotting VALUE, that’s the advantage I have over most tipsters, VALUE. You will see that a large majority of my tips shorten up in price, but it’s been proven that if you back my selections at BFSP you would still MAKE MONEY, but if you back them at the time I send you the selections you will make on average 30% more, now that’s what we are after….

Look in the mirror and ask yourself this question "Do I make money backing horses?" well 95% of you, if answered correctly, would have said NO. So…if you want to be able to look at yourself in the mirror, in a year from now… Read more…

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