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Win ChaserClick Image To Visit SiteWell congratulations, not only have you just taken the 1st step towards building a successful betting career like mine, you’re also a couple of clicks away from banking monthly winnings like this:

My name is Edward ‘’Eddie’’ Braithwaite and I have been a free lance high stake betting consultant since 1995….. and a self proclaimed horse racing fanatic for as long as I can remember.

Horse racing over the years has provided me and my family with a very comfortable standard of living allowing me to live in a damn near financially free life.

I’m not ashamed to admit I found myself at rock bottom both on a personal level and financially on numerous occasions but its these tests that either make us or break us.

I was working all the hours under the sun as a cashier in a well-known high street bookmakers. Once the day was done I’d then go and waste all my hard earned wages in another well-known bookies down the road!

I was constantly fooled and rail roaded into dead end bets either on a mates so called “guaranteed” tip that never came in or blindly following the bookmakers top picks which had a win rate of every now and again.

Both of these methods did zero for my bank balance, my sanity or my relationship which came close to breaking point too many times to count!

Firstly, and most importantly it saved my relationship with now my beautiful wife of 13 years, who gifted me with 2 beautiful sons.

Secondly, working in a bookmakers and not placing bets myself allowed me observe the racing environment without being financially or emotionally involved.

I was privileged to have an insight in to both sides of the industry as a bookmaker and… Read more…

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