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WPC Customer Sales Page - Official Site - Winning Pay CardsClick Image To Visit SiteWelcome to Winning Pay Cards If you are a horse lover like I am. The race track is a place that excites and disappoints at the same time. You love the atmosphere and the various characters that make up the scene of horse betting. There is nothing better however, than picking the right horse and cashing a ticket. It’s not so much the money, but that you were right. Introducing the Winning Pay Cards This set of odds cards are made up of over 100,000 races, and at intervals of one minute or more, the odds were collected then correlated in an algorithm by the number of horses in a race field, computing the average and expected odds on the Winning Pay Cards. The goal is to determine the odds variance starting with the favorite then working down the column to the longest odds for the race. At each interval you do the same. If you have subscribed to the Sprint Membership, we suggest you watch our videos as we make picks at race tracks all across the world… an excellent handicapping aid. At a glance you can determine where the hidden money is and where the main support lays. Good solid bets just seem to jump off the page using these cards. Not just low odds…we’re talking double and triple digit payers. We have lots of videos to get you up to speed quickly and fine tune your handicapping skills. The cards can be used for standard bred and thorough bred horses. Any race track, any distance, any surface, any number of horses, ANY WHERE IN THE WORLD! We aren’t guaranteeing winners but we help you to gain an odds advantage in your favor, regardless of knowledge you have about playing the horse races. We have step… Read more…

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